Blacktail Deer Hunting

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Oregon Blacktail Deer HuntingThe Big K has offered guided blacktail deer hunting for over 20 years with an outstanding success rate. Each hunter typically experiences multiple opportunities throughout the course of the hunt. Our deer population has dramatically increased since 2005, when we sold our sheep heard. This livestock management decision increased the feed and nutrition around the ranch and the deer numbers have continued to grow each year.

Our primary hunting method consists of spot-and-stalk tactics along with glassing from high vantage points. Many of our clients have experienced the heart-throbbing thrills of 50 yard and closer encounters of these secretive deer. We have approximately 12 miles of hunting trails with a variety of different terrain and timber stands. Most of our property is accessible using the side-by-side Polaris Ranger. The Big K Ranch has just about every type of terrain in western Oregon.

Oregon Blacktail Deer HuntingBig K Outfitters has several different blacktail hunting opportunities to offer clients.

  • Archery blacktail hunt during the general season. (Aug 30th–Sept 28th)
  • Rifle blacktail hunt during the general western Oregon season (Oct 4th–Nov 7th)

*Archery and rifle tags can be purchased over-the-counter, even by nonresidents.

We offer exclusive 4 day hunts on private land that include guide fees, overnight accommodations, and all meals for $2500.00.

If you are looking for a guided blacktail deer hunt in western Oregon, on 2,500 acres of private property, please email our Hunting Guide Coordinator, Gary Williamson, at


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